I met Mat Maneri in 1984 when I was 13 and he was 15. He introduced me to the music of David Bowie and Black Flag and to the burning joy of unfiltered camel cigarettes.

In 2000 Mat showed up at my apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn and gave me four of his unreleased albums and asked me to make something interesting with them. At long last, here it is.

Thanks to Mat and all the wonderful musicians who played on the original recordings.

Thanks to Steven Joerg at Aum Fidelity (aumfidelity.com), the label that released Going to Church in 2002 for being cool.

Thanks to Nick Fuhr for his amazing sculpture.

Thanks for listening!

Track Listing:
1. Fingerprints (4:52)
2. It Was Poetry (4:20)
// TRIO // Mat Maneri: Acoustic and Electric Viola, Baritone Violin // T.K. Ramakrishnan: Mridungdum // Chris Lightcap: Bass //

3. Pure and Simple (3:56)
4. $1000 Caviar and Criminal Cigars (6:55)
// QUINTET: LIGHT TRIGGER // Joe McPhee: Tenor Saxophone // Ed Schuller: Bass // Randy Peterson: Drums // Joe Maneri: Piano, Alto Saxophones // Mat Maneri: viola //

5. Contempt in the Truth of Words (3:06)
6. Ages Pass (3:54)
7. No One Else (3:53)
8. So Much Comfort (3:31)
// SEXTET: GOING TO CHURCH // Roy Campbell: trumpets // Joe Maneri: clarinet, alto+tenor sax // Mat Maneri: viola // Matthew Shipp: piano // Barre Phillips: bass // Randy Peterson: drums //

9. Symbiotic (3:53)
10. No higher purpose (3:31)
// QUARTET: PAINTED COTTAGE DOOR // Tom Halter: Trumpet // John McLellan: Drums // Joe Maneri: Piano, Tenor and Alto Saxophones // Mat Maneri: viola //